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Several years ago our college undertook an in-depth self-assessment regarding our accomplishments and future goals. The consensus of our faculty was that our overriding goal was to maximize the value of a business education to our students. Today, I am proud of the exceptional value that our programs deliver to our graduates.

A University of Texas at Arlington business degree not only prepares you for your first job, but also for a successful lifetime career in your field of endeavor.

We have undertaken many initiatives to make your experience in the College of Business Administration the best it can possibly be. We have intensified our commitment to student excellence. Numerous programs are being developed that will surprise and delight you during your pursuit of a degree.

I want to assure you that our dedication to excellence will never waiver. Our goal is to continue to offer one of the best business educational experiences in America. We invite you to join the College of Business family and participate in our extraordinary learning environment. We welcome you to visit our campus, visit our website, or contact one of the advisors.

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